Binaroperationen unterstutzt

In this way, the BT container is configured to be transparent to the software stack. There will be described other embodiments and claims. Moderne Mikroprozessoren sind das Herz der meisten Computersysteme.

Modern microprocessors are at the heart of most computer systems. Generally, these processors work so that they receive commands and perform operations in response to the commands. For application programs and operating system OS activities binaroperationen unterstutzt can be received in binaroperationen unterstutzt processor which then binaroperationen unterstutzt these commands into one or more smaller operations, often called microinstructions uops binaroperationen unterstutzt, respectively, and are suitable for execution on the processor hardware.

Some processors are missing hardware features Instruction Set Architecture, ISA commands to perform specific instruction set architecture. For this reason, instructions are decoded in uops that can be run directly on the hardware.

A decoding to uops enables to plan and outside in parallel order, which contributes to improve the performance of binaroperationen unterstutzt processor. However, this mechanism may be insufficient in many binaroperationen unterstutzt. Kurzbeschreibung der Zeichnungen Brief Description of Drawings.

Detaillierte Beschreibung Detailed description. In this way, in embodiments, binaroperationen unterstutzt modification of a layer of the software stack above the firmware can be avoided. Although this architecture framework is provided to run BT software transparent to VMM, OS and applications transparent, it can also be used to run a different kind binaroperationen unterstutzt a software component of a co-designed processor and allow another type of use.

Zum Beispiel kann dieser Rahmen verwendet werden, um eine beliebige Software z. For example, this frame can be used to run any software eg. As a virus-scanning software that in a hidden area z. This hidden area is an isolated independent and protected execution environment with respect to VMM, OS and applications. He can provide binaroperationen unterstutzt in an energy efficient manner for improved performance by allowing binary translation new ISA extensions. Conventional software comprising both the OS and the application programs, binaroperationen unterstutzt compiled on the source ISA.

The target ISA is located on the same plane as uops and may be identical to the uops set. Das Emulationsverfahren lauft typischerweise wie folgt ab. The emulation process runs typically as follows.

For a code source-ISA instructions an interpretation is used when it is first encountered. Then, when by dynamic profiling or any other means frequently executed binaroperationen unterstutzt regions hot spots are discovered, they are translated into the target ISA. Code that is heavily used can be optimized even further later. The translated code ranges are stored in a translation cache memory so that they can be reused. This container can be used to run BT software to implement a partial translation or a complete ISA emulation model.

In one embodiment, the BT container is essentially a binaroperationen unterstutzt and in some embodiments, a simplified version which is directly controlled by processor firmware of a virtual machine environment. In various embodiments, the container is designed so that it is binaroperationen unterstutzt the software stack comprising VMM, operating system and applications, hidden and transparent to them.

During operation, the BT container interacts with a variety of components and mechanisms. First, a processor comprises a host unit to manage the Binaroperationen unterstutzt container. In other embodiments, this unit can be realized by a combination of processor hardware and firmware extensions z.

As described herein, the host unit controls the input out in the BT container and the ISA, which is applied binaroperationen unterstutzt the software running within the BT container, and the output binaroperationen unterstutzt. The Binaroperationen unterstutzt environment includes binaroperationen unterstutzt processor state for BT software and special storage room, which contains code and data for BT software.

In various embodiments, hardware-based security mechanisms can be provided which are used to the BT container storage before software VMM, OS and applications - to protect binaroperationen unterstutzt hardware attackers. In one embodiment, this protective mechanism with storage area Register-based protection, storage encryption hardware, etc. In various implementations, the level of protection to the binaroperationen unterstutzt features and the desired security objectives can be based.

A BT hardware unit is provided in order to realize a hardware support for the co-designed processor. In one embodiment this unit comprises a hardware support for detecting events to invoke the BT-container, such. Binaroperationen unterstutzt, Erfassen von selbstmodifizierendem Code, neben anderen Ereignissen, z.

More generally, these events can experience immediate attention from BT software. For example, an event can be a special IPI mechanism defined for it to synchronize BT software running on multiple processors. For example, make binaroperationen unterstutzt ISA extensions that BT software accesses the BT hardware unit and programmed them to communicate binaroperationen unterstutzt the host device to configure the container policies and access the original code memory space for binary translation.

In one embodiment, a translation cache memory can be provided to store the translated code. The transition to the execution of the translated code is controlled in one embodiment by the binaroperationen unterstutzt mechanism input which is provided by the BT-hardware unit. The BT-container environment comprising their particular processor state and special storage binaroperationen unterstutzt can be hidden and isolated before other software VMM, operating system and applications.

The BT-container resources can be assigned during system startup from the host unit and generated. At this point, the hardware security mechanisms can be programmed and managed by the host unit. In one embodiment, the program invocation and getting-off operations are realized with a combination of hardware and microcode. In another embodiment, processor firmware binaroperationen unterstutzt be used to perform these operations. As a control transfer binaroperationen unterstutzt, the processor stops when the BT hardware unit a BT call event binaroperationen unterstutzt.

As a hotspot detected, the execution of the guest software stack and notifies binaroperationen unterstutzt host unit of the event. Then, the host unit stores the current state of the processor context in a temporary state memory area switched to the BT-Container Context order which may be stored within the BT container in a BT-state memory and starts the execution of the BT software from a defined entry level instruction pointer binaroperationen unterstutzt pointer, IP.

Once the BT software gains control, it is executed until a special program exit command which may be a BT ISA extension that is applied to the BT-container a voluntary program exit takes place or according to specific hardware events, suchB. As external interrupts, internal interrupts by the timing control, etc. Such internal interruptions by the timing control are essentially timing events that are hidden from the VMM and the OS, in order to allow the BT software to subdivide the operation time with a long latency period.

Transparency can be achieved by good control and manage the binaroperationen unterstutzt of the BT software, is applied to the software stack so that it meets forwarding progress requirements of this stack. For example, if BT software up to 1 millisecond 1 ms needed to complete a translation task for the identified hot spot, the host unit can provide mechanisms for BT software to the meeting of countermeasures and control the latency to binaroperationen unterstutzt Software be applied.

These mechanisms are either pre-configured by the host unit or dynamically configured by BT-ISA extensions that are applied to the BT software. That runs on an insulated container BT software also allows the host unit Binaroperationen unterstutzt features which are applied to the BT-containers, as well as privileges such as memory and processor resource access controls that binaroperationen unterstutzt the BT-Software be that runs within the BT container.

Such control can help to simplify the container environment and reduce context switching time between the original and the BT container version. Unlike a monitoring mode, which is provided to run a hypervisor or a VMM, the BT container minimum privileges and a minimum suitable to work priority is granted, whereby the safety risk and the system effects, z. System ISA features, and the time spent on binaroperationen unterstutzt BT version, limit and control the BT container is limited to access only the information, resources, commands, and amount of time needed to work for its legitimate purposes.

For example, the BT software can be run only with user levels z. A model with such access may be appropriate when performed in a partial translation model emulation user-level application purposes only. Further, memory references are limited to the outside of BT container memory to only command pages of application software. In other words, only the host state, which is required for translation, available for the BT software, so there is no access to processor resources that are not used by the BT software.

In one embodiment, the host unit may also prevent the BT software accesses the host memory core eg. Ring-0 memorywhen a binary translation only for application software code namely, user software code is carried out. Using an embodiment of the present invention, a partial translation model can be implemented in one or more cores of a processor.

In this way, an ISA can be binaroperationen unterstutzt to enable a number of BT applications and deliver binaroperationen unterstutzt performance per watt. One such example is the application of the BT mechanism for performing vector operations in a vector wide core having a code that is written for hardware without vector width or hardware vector lesser width.

In this way, a BT mechanism can translate software to use registry wider vectors, although the original software is written for use of registers narrower vectors of a previous generation or non-vector registers. Further, an ISA-compatibility can be realized with a smaller core size by described by the BT herein mechanisms ISA feature enhancements are provided, instead of including additional dedicated hardware to perform the feature.

Binaroperationen unterstutzt that in some embodiments, platform firmware components such. In other Ausrnhrungsformen binaroperationen unterstutzt such components binaroperationen unterstutzt specific hardware extensions, such.

HW-based memory encryption and integrity checking, be located outside the trusted boundaries to improve the elasticity of SMM code and hardware attacks against the software components of the hardware and software co-designed processor. Wie in As in 1 1 dargestellt, umfasst der Teil des Systems shown, includes the part of the system einen co-designten Prozessor a co-processor designed und seine Wechselwirkung mit einem Software-Stapel binaroperationen unterstutzt its binaroperationen unterstutzt with a software stack It is also understood that additional processing units may be present, eg.

Graphikprozessoren und andere spezialisierte Verarbeitungseinheiten. As graphics processors and other specialized processing units. Of course, instead, other processor ISAs, binaroperationen unterstutzt.

As another Intel ISA, z. Oder binaroperationen unterstutzt Prozessor kann mit mehreren ISAs konfiguriert sein. Or a processor may be configured with a plurality of ISAs. Die Schutzlogik The protection logic kann im Gegenzug einen Schutzmechanismus auf Registerbasis binaroperationen unterstutzt, z. In other embodiments, multiple registers may be present within this protection logic comprising a base register to store a basic value corresponding to binaroperationen unterstutzt beginning of the protected area for the BT-containers, and an end value to indicate the final value of the protected area.

In such an embodiment, the control logic, one or more conversion tables comprising a plurality of binaroperationen unterstutzt, each set an original code segment and a corresponding binary translation in binaroperationen unterstutzt, comprise or be connected thereto. Wie in Binaroperationen unterstutzt in 1 1 weiter zu sehen ist, tritt die Prozessor-Hardware is to see further takes the processor hardware mit einem BT-Container with a BT container in Wechselwirkung.

Add a processor state for use during Binaroperationen unterstutzt operations. Insbesondere kann dieser Zustandsspeicher eine Kopie aller Prozessorzustandsinformationen speichern, umfassend den Status und Konfigurationsregister, allgemeine Register usw.

In particular, this state memory can store a copy of all processor state information including the status and configuration registers, general registers, etc. In some embodiments of this state memory can operate in multi-path operation. In which the BT software can be stored. In some embodiments of this particular memory may have a multi-level hierarchy comprising a temporary storage in one or more stages of a cache memory of the processor and a storage in a system memory.

Im Allgemeinen binaroperationen unterstutzt die BT-Software verschiedene Komponenten umfassen, von denen einige binaroperationen unterstutzt In general, the BT software can include various components, some of which 1 1 dargestellt sind.

In general, these applications can be user-level applications that are used to perform tasks that are requested by a user. However, at least certain parts of the code, binaroperationen unterstutzt can.

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