Call and put options examples in hindi

Typically time value keeps reducing even during intraday and hence you benefit as an option writer. So the profit on one is never really proportional to the losses you make on another. Call Options and Put Options.

The expiry is 8 days away from the date of squaring off. Since you are short, this Rs 2 increase would be your notional loss. How can i find that after this much loss my option will be auto sq off.

Intrinsic value is how much the option is in the money, or simply how much you would get if the options were to expire right now. Just make sure that you have stop losses in place, because the biggest risk of option selling is that losses are unlimited. Can you check and let me know tomorrow.

You have a bearish view of the market and Nifty is presently at Until I square off the 1 lot that I have the next day JunI will not be able to use the margin…. But note that there might be a exchange penalty for such a position.

So if you were shorting puts and you were say call and put options examples in hindi futures, that is lesser portfolio risk and hence margin required for both positions would reduce. Say, I write a call option for stock ABC strike price 50 and the spot price is Which strike prices you use is your prerogative, It is completely upto you if you want the difference to be the same or different. When I placed a short order of 4 lots quantity of Nifty JUL PE, as the order was in the queue yet to be executed on my price, I saw that the margin blocked was around 90K and later when the order got executed, the actual margin that was blocked was only around 29K.

Like in futures, margin is not debited, it is just blocked in your account when you write options. For initiating bull call spread can I buy call today and sell call after two days or it has to be done at the same time. The question usually call and put options examples in hindi is because we charge so less, but the question to be asked is why everyone else is charging so much more in an environment where everything is online. Assuming you already have a trading strategy in place, what is the most important factor is to contain risk.