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I am enjoying my new membership to Market Geometry. Learning loads and reinforcing many aspects that I know, but haven't been practicing of late. Could you please recommend a charting package for me to use? Hopefully one that isn't too expensive! It definitely can't do pitchforks. I'd really appreciate if you could point me in the right direction with an easy to use charting package so I can practice the charting methodology taught by Market Geometry.

Last, there is an interesting partnership between eSignal, a handful of U. You can sign up for a charting package with eSignal and if your broker is a participating CME Group broker, the exchange waves the Exchange Data fees on all electronic futures products.

But you'll have access to real time data for most everything you want to trade. Remember, you can always esignal payment options up to this option as your needs change. This is a quick 'lay of the land' when it comes to charting and Data costs. Esignal payment options hope it helps. Please let me know esignal payment options you have any questions or come up with some suggestions for others. Toggle navigation MarketGeometry TM. Products Blog Calendar Support Login.

I thought I covered that last week in a session and read a good part of your question first, so many people would benefit. Please remember that in many cases, charting really often equals charting plus data. Data can be expensive because of quality issues and or exchange fees. If i understand your requirements, my choice would be ensign charting www. Ensign is a charting package, but offers some data solutions as well. You have two options for data if you need more data then you are currently getting:.

You can first look at ensign's own free delayed data feed. Neither is the gold standard in esignal payment options feeds but both are serviceable and since you are using delayed data, they are more than adequate. Along with your current electronic platform, if you want to cut costs, this is a workable and inexpensive solution.

Note that you have to read ensign's free data section carefully because you will have to tell ensign's data esignal payment options to use a server other than dtn, the primary data server, when looking for cash fx quotes, as a forex server. If you want to spend slightly more money, eSignal [ www. Futures markets intraday delayed, though the snap shot of price you get each time you hit refresh is from 'real time'.

It also offers you all stocks, delayed and cash fx delayed, from a quality composite feed. ESignal offers several other delayed data solutions, but to use them, you must pay for their eSignal charting package, which is nice, but esignal payment options costly than Ensign; similarly, you can investigate DTN, but I believe if you're to esignal payment options delayed futures data, the current choice would e Ensign.

If you find a better solution, please share it with esignal payment options get emails from beginning traders regularly looking for cost saving solutions all esignal payment options time. If you want to try to save even more money, you can use the stock web page I send the plus elementary and middle school advanced student programs that allow me the honor of teaching their 12, plus students technical analysis, using virtual classrooms.

I have them use www. The entire package is free and quite useful for trading stocks. One of the questions I always get from these 12, plus students is: How do I find interesting stocks to chart and trade?

Rather than paying for esignal payment options stock filtering service, I tell them to go to www. I don't care what other traders are 'tweeting' about - I just want to know what stocks are drawing the most attention. Then I do a quick chart analysis on those actively tweeted stocks and I esignal payment options find a few that have something interesting going on.

This is a very good way to find esignal payment options stocks to follow. Let me repeat what I tell my 5th grade students: Don't pay attention to what people are 'tweeting' or saying about the stocks; use the cloud or most talked about list to help you find interesting stocks. Then form your own opinion using your own methodology. For cash Forex, a similar and extremely useful website is www. This site offers MT4 as it's charting package and allows you to use it's esignal payment options feed free.

Or esignal payment options can find many brokers around the world that will allow you to use MT4 to practice trading cash Forex-simply google MT4 and cash FX and you should find a ton of potential brokers offering this free service.

For free futures charting and data, there are some esignal payment options based services, but they are all delayed feeds and I have not found one yet that offers what I consider acceptable drawing tools. Again, if you find something promising, please pass it on to me and I will gladly investigate it, but for delayed futures, I believe Ensign is still the first choice. There are esignal payment options new contenders now, mostly brokers, that are selling the data flowing through their trading platforms.

But be aware that it takes a certain size of the futures markets running through any broker's trading platform to make their data useful-they are not allowed to resell the actual exchange data, only the data flowing through their own platforms by the trades of their own client's trades.

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