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Reading Alistair's posts and his reference to Linux, I wondered if it would be possible to someone to explain, simply, any benefits or reasons for choosing Linux as an operating system. If you do not want to restrict yourself in terms of sports trading software, then don't use Linux unless you have a fast computer with plenty of RAM 4GB in order to run Windows and related software in a virtual box.

There are signs that some companies are forum trader esportivo trading software for Linux so hopefully things will improve in the forum trader esportivo future. Trading software aside, there's a whole range of reasons for choosing Linux over Windows: No viruses, no spyware, no expensive software licenses, no expensive software upgrade, no license lock-in, secure, stable, comes with all the software your average user is ever likely to need, no digital rights management software, you control what's on your pc not MS, runs on lesser specified hardware, regular updates etc, etc, etc.

Funnily enough, forum trader esportivo these are great reasons for using Linux, they're not the reasons I do. I discuss my reasons in a blog post I did ages ago http: I suggest you read that as it contains a number of links to other sites that discuss why you shouldn't use Windows. There are scripts available for Linux that will configure your Linux installation to look and feel like an Apple Mac if you're that way inclined. Most Linux distributions can be run from a live CD which makes it easy to get a flavour of what Linux is all about.

Remember, running it from a live CD will impact on its performance. Also, it's easy to dual boot between Windows and Linux. That's what I did initially and I quickly found that I was never booting into Windows so I removed it all together and I haven't looked back. Oh, did I mention it was free? At the end of the day, just go with what you are comfortable with. Some people will hate Linux simply because it is too different from what they are used to.

You'll never know if you don't give it a try. Thanks for that Alistair. Good blog read, I'm now on to Windows 7 forum trader esportivo. So you're saying I can get a cd of linux from somewhere and on start up my computer will run from that so I can see what it's like?

Won't take you long to download it as it fits onto a CD!!! I tried linux for a while but found it a bit of a pain with having to learn how to do all the permissions and sign on as superuser etc. I never carried on with it for my daily OS basically cos forum trader esportivo my trading software apps need windows. But forum trader esportivo have an old PC set up with linux to run my php bots mainly because once setup it was a lot more stable with apache than windows seemed to be so I could leave it running forum trader esportivo without worrying about crashes or viruses.

Just give the CD version a go as it won't take long to download, if you like it it's easy to set up the pC to dual boot i. Ubuntu certainly does a live CD and i would reccoomend the comunity as a very good bunch always willing to help. Although one of the good things about linux generally is the choice! Just noticed the latest Linux monthly magazine contains the Live CD. I'll buy it tomorrow and try to read and understand. Would like to add a link to a website i check from time to time LiveCd is only 1 download from you so do it and have a ride now But as Alistar already said, have in mind forum trader esportivo of your forum trader esportivo using LiveCD will be not as good as you may expect For forum trader esportivo newbie to Linux it's very much in your face isn't it and using words Forum trader esportivo never heard of before - "One completely free, MS-Windows application for running the md5 checksum on a number of different operating systems, is here on sourceforge.

The file is md5. It's under the gpl licence and you can download the source if you want. Forum trader esportivo try, firstly, with the mag tomorrow and hopefully take one, small, step at a time. Linux mag you say Firk? Hmm off to newsagents!: Brilliant Look here Shergar http: If you don't want the hassle of downloading an iso file, checking it and burning it to disk, there's loads of suppliers out there that will supply and distro you want for a small fee to cover not much more than postage and packing.

Based on Ubuntu, it looks pretty good. All the main distros provide Live CDs so for little more than some of your time, you could try any number of them forum trader esportivo see which forum trader esportivo you prefer. I would also like to add Dont give up if you dont like what you see first time, just give it second chance. I mean try another distro, there are differences and its why forum trader esportivo prefer different distros.

Some of them are more, some less user friendly, some are made for newbies while other for more advanced users. I am sure you know what I mean. I am defo not linux expert There are also KDE forum trader esportivo Gnome versions forum trader esportivo to download. So what Distro would peeps recomment for a Linux Noob??: I use Ubuntu and I'm very happy with it. Note though, that some distros will not do somethings straight out of the box.

For example, Ubuntu will not play mp3 files. This is because Ubuntu has a strict policy regarding copyrighted and propriatory software and does not install them by default. It only takes a ouple of mouse clicks to install forum trader esportivo if you so wish. Linux Mint, based on Ubuntu, has these things configured right out of forum trader esportivo box so is a good choice for a newbie.

Unlike Windows, you have a wide choice of interface desktop manager. You might find the latter of these more comfortable if you are more used to Windows.

So, instead of Ubuntu, go for Kubuntu for example. In actual fact, you can have as many desktop managers installed as you like and simply select which one you want to use when you log on to your machine. I forgot to mention that there's a new version of Ubuntu and it's variants due for release on 29th April so you might want to wait for that.

This and some more useful info could be found here Going to Loughborough tomorrow will go in WH Smith. I also use fluxbox for VM's. I amazed how many people are using Linux. The Human Way of doing things. I was on Slackware Linux until the end of previous year. Maybe in the summer, I 'll try it again if I am not bored enough for the transition. After you get familiar with them there is a whole world out there for you to choose.

Thanks, I'm gradually getting impressed. I think I will buy mag tomorrow and try LInux on my laptop. One step at a time. One step at a time, ; Why do you need this mag so badly? You need to learn? You could find millions of tutorials available online You need Linux Bible or Linux for Forum trader esportivo OK I'm gonna do it, but if it goes wrong I'll be gunning for you http: Forum trader esportivo simply burn the file itself.

Your CD burning software should have the settings that allow you to do that. This is what I mean about waiting for the mag. I've just tried to download Gnome from http: Back to plan Forum trader esportivo, get the CD with the mag tomorrow. You do not need to download gnome separately.

All distros will come with everything you need including a desktop manager. Some distros will have Gnome by default, others will have KDE. I have downloaded from this page Thats Ok too mate. From another thread if you missed it D Right I've downloaded, burnt cd and got it running on my laptop. I need to work out how to connect my wireless router to it then I'll be ok. Oh, and I bought the mag. I must admit despite all the dislike of Windows it does make things very easy compared to Linux!!

Thanks jib but this is getting stupid, I was wrong I'm on Gnome not SUse but have googled to wireless set up for Gnome and can't find anything of use. Wait, i think you mixed up the things. Gnome, is a desktop environment, not an operating system os. Think of it this way: So if your os is opensuse pls use the above mentioned links.

If it isn't opensuse, please name it. I hope you get it, now.

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