Future and options stocks lot size

There has been a significant increase in Nifty levels over the past one year where Nifty has risen from levels to almost levels thereby increasing the contract value to Rs. The same case with many of the stock futures contract. Reduction of lot size by the exchanges to contract value of Rs 2lks will reduce the margin requirements and hence will also make it easier for retail investors to participate in.

This action should ideally improve liquidity in most of these contracts. The new lot sizes are effective from Oct 31st, Margin requirements will drop proportionately.

So if for 50 Nifty you need Rs 32, for 25 you will need half which is Rs The same for option shorting margin requirements. Open positions carried forward from Thu, Oct 30th will automatically get adjusted by end of day on the 30th.

Brokerage at Zerodha is Rs 20 or 0. But if you are trading more than 1 lot, the brokerage will not go above Rs The same applies to all the other contracts. Our margin and brokerage calculators will be updated shortly.

The increased participation should help in better price discovery and also improve the market depth. Assuming Nifty goes down toif you are someone who trades only one lot the new contract value will be x 25 and hence your brokerage for buying this one lot will be Rs Its brokerage is per executed order.

If I execute it as a single order I pay the same brokerage. If it is executed as two different orders. So brokerage remains 20 if you buy 25 or quantity of Nifty calls. If u buy nifty of lot 50 assume it will trade 25 once then future and options stocks lot size totally how much brokerage u will pay.

NSE website will give you the complete list. The article above has link for the scripts with changes in lot size. For now it is mentioned on the blogpost above, check this. We will update the margin calculator tomorrow. Would it be possible for you guys to upload lists of historical lot sizes for each of the FNO scrips?

Would be very useful for backtesting. Great, something i had been waiting for. Can you please let me know frequently are the lot sizes revised?

They are revised once in a while to bring the contract value to around Rs 2lks if it has moved too far up or down from that value. Fill up the survey form, the link is in orange on this blog post. Biggest culprit would be CTT, the good thing about Karnataka is that the maximum stamp duty per day is only Rs If you do less turnover it might pinch, but is an advantage if trading higher volumes. YOu can see the stamp duty in the drop down box at the end of this page.

I want to buy one lot of nov. Market is closed already, but yeah if today you had bought it would have been Can you folks update the https: It has not been updated yet. We understand you may have had notional losses but these are few of the risks of internet based trading that all of us are aware of.

Need to see how exchange will do this, whenever it is done. Thanks for the reply. Future and options stocks lot size Bank Nifty contact value at 25 lot size is even more than Nifty contract value at 50 lot size. And is it necessary it has to be halved. It can be My bad, yes Bank nifty is around 4. The issue with making the lotsize as 15 is, what do you think will happen to the guys who were holding 1 lot before?

He cannot now have 1. The other way to do this would be like what they have done for a few stock contracts above with not even multiple. Introduce a future and options stocks lot size far month contract with the new lot size.

But the problem with this is that people take huge calendar spread trades on Bank nifty, might cause an issue to them. So yeah, let us wait and watch. Something will be done for sure. Yes Kishan, will get someone to send you an email immediately. Do reply back with your contact number. It is a good facility that mobile trading app is available in zerodha. But we are highly disappointed that this app is available only for android and blackberry OS mobliles, why not for windows OS phones?

Please provide the app for windows OS also. It is still in Beta, if you want to try, check this postyou can see a bunch of lines right at the top in orange. Why zerodha charges more brokerage? But I am attaching a screenshot for 3rd November this is not the first time I can send you more than 10 examples where you charge more future and options stocks lot size where you charging brokerage Rs future and options stocks lot size.

Because my total valuation is Rs And I am attaching screenshot and again I say this is not the first time you have charged more brokerage every time. I can show you screenshot if you needed. We charge Rs 20 or 0. I am looking at your order book and you have placed 7 executed orders each with a contract value of more than Rs 2lks.

I am from Chennai and new to options market and i have been future and options stocks lot size it only for the past two months.

I have been charged around rs per lot for buying and again the same amt for selling. Now after this lot quantity change,I will be charged twice of this. I cud understand Zerodha is something different in this concept. But Could you please explain this with my own example. I have bought 1 lot of Nifty put 60 rs without adding brokerage of Rs. This cost me around Rs. Now if I have selling it next week for Rs.

So Myprofit wud be Rs. Excluding the taxes n other stuffs which will be around rs for this transaction. How different would be my charges and profit, if I am doing the same with Zerodha?? Also Let me know your AMC charges…. So if you buy 1 lot or 10 lots, you pay only Rs Check our brokerage calculator and Pricing pageeverything is explained there.

I see that the markets are volatile during derivative expiry. Lot of markets movements are dependent on derivatives open future and options stocks lot size etc. How can derivative trades actually effect the broader market? Check this out Sukesh, there future and options stocks lot size more queries answered on similar topics here. Use the search box. Yes, maximum order size for Nifty is 10, Nifty. So yeah, you can trade 10, Nifty at one time.

Sir,do you mean 10, maximum permissible lots to place buy order by a retail investor. This value is the strike price. What will the margin requirement? This Niftyindex option Dec contract is very far contract which was in the newspapers recently for which open interest surges.

Our business model is online, and to support offline trading there are additional costs. That is why we charge for call n trade. Why is the lot size for MRF not reduced. The rule is that minimum contract value has to be 2lks, other than that it is upto the exchange on when they reduce the lotsize. Hi sir i am bye a call at rs0. How have you been? You concept have been able to capture our Minds recently after giving months of Thought process.

I have come across a interesting column by Sebi. Does it impact future and options stocks lot size overall Brokerage in Zerodha? Please check this Link:

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