How to trade commodity in india

The gold option is illiquid. You need to be aware that settlement in options market is by means of devolving the option into an equivalent futures position. March 6, at I am familiar with the equity options of NSE for a long time. November 25, at 1:

And I am very comfortable with them. February 18, at 5: Will you release Greeks calculator for Black 76 too??? October 18, at

October 17, at 4: November 4, at 8: March 10, at 7: The gold option is illiquid.

There could be an instance where the ITM option that you have may not be worth exercising given the taxation and other applicable charges. Futures Trading 12 chapters 5. I realized it later and then I logged in with my account and so….

I mean, when I go long on option, I just have to pay for the premium right? September 2, at November 4, at 8: Accordingly, the following amendments are made in the Business Rules of the Exchange by inserting Business Rules

As usual awesome tutorial!!!! You would opt for this if you know that the position is not going to be profitable owing to taxes and applicable charges. October 17, at 5:

Gold options are available on the exchanges, but unfortunately, there is not much activity there. March 10, at 6: August 28, at 7: You will have to open a Commodity account online, check this — https: They have continuously introduced new contracts and enhanced the market depth.

Half of the required margin needs to be available a day before the expiry and the remaining half on the day of expiry of the options contract to convert the position to a futures contract. So in a sense, this can be considered a derivative on a derivative. Meanwhile, please do give your consent to for MCX options — https: November 1, at 1:

August 29, at 4: March 5, at 6: Are you sure you were trading within us? Soumya Kanti Bhattacharya says: October 12, at 8: