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However, it has not been until very recently that advertisers have really started to understand just how important the data being used to establish this targeting is. Without data we are simply not able to understand what we are doing and why. Finally, we are now starting to understand how to unlock it in greater detail, greater volume and how to interpret that into some meaningful which will, in turn, result in something positive.

Representing the future of media trading, programmatic buying and real-time bidding RTB offer a like smartpipes trading options like comparison of how the stock markets are currently traded. And that means that they need real-time responses to an ever demanding world of buyers who require results at scale like never before.

This requires automation of decision making and, more importantly, data for the logic behind those decisions. Introducing a far more efficient way to buy, it has made the value of data second to none. But what kind of data do we need to smartpipes trading options effective targeting, and where does this data come from?

There are many sources of data available to advertisers, from the unique advertising identifiers via app platforms such as iOS and Android to user registration information from the likes of Google, Yahoo! All provide access to a number of different layers smartpipes trading options information that can be pieced together to create a profile of the user being targeted.

However, when it comes to the ability to offer one true picture of a customer based on demographics, behavioural, channel, geo-locational, country, time-of-day, smartpipes trading options, platform, connection smartpipes trading options and operating system, the data gained from communication service providers such as mobile operators is really unrivalled.

Indeed, network operator data has long been recognised as an invaluable source of intelligence for the advertising ecosystem, but has so far lacked the scalable technology, privacy compliance and business models required.

Past operator-owned approaches have tried and failed to dictate to the market without responding to what advertisers want - to be able to plug in once to multiple operator data. While the technology to use the data has been around for a while, what has been lacking is a centralised hub system that creates a way to retrieve data from operator siloes.

The in-network solution sits safely behind operator firewalls, smartpipes trading options data from operator databases and facilitating the secure delivery of anonymous information to the advertising ecosystem. DSPs like us are then able to work with advertisers to purchase inventory across their integrated Exchanges and Supply Side Platforms to target specific customer micro-segments such as female buyers of a certain age in a certain location.

For advertisers, access to this quality of data, and entirely new data sources, means their ads are being seen by the people that matter to them, ensuring relevance and interest in their brand and increasing ROI.

They can target by age, gender, location by county, town or specific part of town, where a consumer currently is and where they work and live — not to mention a combination of all this, and more. The targeting possibilities are almost infinite, with countless numbers of search terms enabled covering multiple data aspects. This results in a more accurate, effective and planned approach to budget spends.

For smartpipes trading options, the use of the network operator data means more appropriate and relevant communications from the brands that they want to hear from, tapping into individual interests to add value to day to day life, while still being respectful of privacy concerns. Network operators find new revenue streams as a result of being able to monetise their data, advertisers achieve better results from highly targeted campaigns based on a new grade of data, cutting down wasted or superfluous spend.

And most importantly, the consumer experience is protected, ensuring that advertising via the mobile channel continues to be a viable option for brands for a long time to come. Further information and conference details are available at http: