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For instance, if you read that a company is planning to launch a new product soon, you can safely predict that its stock value is bound to rise. In contrast, you need deep financial knowledge to make money in stock and forex trading. Binary investing is flexible and allows you to control your risks, investment amounts, and potential profits or losses.

Thus, there are no surprises waiting for you as could be the case sometimes in stock trading. Best binary options brokers are constantly introducing exciting features and innovations to sustain the interest of traders.

For instance, some brokers allow you to close a contract before the expiration time, double your investment money while trade is happening, and more. You can select your investment amount, have full control over your winning and losing amounts, and eagerly monitor the expiration time counter to find out whether you will win the trade. Thus, binary investing is more exciting compared to boring normal stock trading. You can access online binary trading platforms from anywhere, anytime, using any internet-ready device.

This allows traders from any country where binary trading is legal to join in and enjoy the fun. Due to the growing popularity of binary trading, many governments have decided to legalize and regulate it to ensure trader safety. They are sure to be joined by other nations as binary trading becomes more popular around the world. Another advantage is you can do social trading and share your experiences, ideas, and strategies with other traders on social networks that are similar to Facebook.

For professional investors, binary trading is a better alternative to gambling which is more risky as it is based on luck. In binary trading, you can improve your chances of winning by doing smart research on market news and trends to make educated predictions.

Binary trading is better than stock trading from the safety point of view too as you can control your losses. In contrast, in stock trading you can end up losing the full value of your stock holding if the share value drops dramatically. Finally, binary trading offers convenient customization options.

In addition to simple rise or fall options, you can also try your luck with one touch and boundary trading. In the one touch option, you will win if the asset reaches a decided price at any point during the life of the trade. In boundary trading, you become a winner if the price finishes within the price range you predict at expiration time.

You need to ensure your hard-earned money will be safe with your binary options brokers. To help you, we provide useful tips on how to go about shortlisting best binary options brokers whom you can trust. There are more than binary options brokers in operation with many of them unregulated.

Even regulated brokers are defined as different financial entities such as gaming businesses, private banks, and the like. So, how you separate the wheat from the chaff? One of the best ways is to do thorough research on the internet by reading customer discussions and reviews on third-party sites and trading forums. Many sites provide a list of blacklisted brokers whom you should avoid.

Find and shortlist brokers that have earned positive reviews from customers and have established a reputation for transparency and quality service. Do not be in a rush to start binary options trading. Read the terms and conditions, FAQs, and fine print. This will tell you if the broker offers fair terms and conditions and whether they are suitable for your needs. For instance, check the withdrawal minimum of the broker and make sure it is not high.

This shows how important it is to do your homework diligently on terms of service. A demo account allows you to test the trading platform and other features, and get used to them without investing any money.

This increases your chances of making profitable trades. In addition, a broker that offers a demo account tells you that they wish to have a long-term relationship with you.

This shows the broker cares about your success by offering you a level and fair playing field. In contrast, a broker that does not provide a demo account gives the vibe that they want you to start trading immediately without doing proper testing. This means they are hoping you will lose your trades and your money as well. Top brokers offer a lot of resources and trading tools to enrich the trading experience for investors.

They provide a range of trade types such as early close, rollover, double up etc. This gives more control to traders.

Available asset types are: IQ Option allows you to get enough practice on their trading platform and get used to its tools and features to decide if they are suitable for your needs. Withdrawal is allowed only with the same method utilized for deposit. You can withdraw even small amounts as is there is no minimum amount specified for withdrawal.

This broker promises fast withdrawals within 24 hours. You can avail IQ Option bonus depending on the amount you invest. The issue normally with bonuses is that you need to execute a certain turnover to be able to withdraw them, so carefully read the terms and conditions before accepting.

IQ Option conducts regular trading tournaments with attractive cash prizes. Standard account holders need to pay a small entry fee for participation in these tournaments, while VIP account holders get free entry.

IQ Option provides customer support even on weekends. To sum up, IQ Option is a reliable regulated broker that uses the latest technological trends to provide an enjoyable trading experience to investors. Kate Stephens is a young and creative graphic designer as well as the mastermind behind AlternativesFinder.

By Kate Stephens on October 23, Alternatives. Trading Platform Among the many advantages we cite on our IQ Option reviews is that the broker constantly upgrades its trading platform to meet the ever-increasing needs and demands of investors. Mobile Apps In addition to the desktop trading platform you can download mobile apps for iOS and Android devices. Available trade types are: Classic options — trades with unlimited profitability Binary options — expiry time from 15 minutes Turbo options — expiry time less than five minutes Account Types IQ Option gives access to 2 types of accounts: Customer Support IQ Option provides customer support even on weekends.